Learn How To Save Money On Your Account And Rates

save money

The next time you look at your checking account balance or see your credit card’s monthly charge, ask yourself “am I saving money on my account?” Many people don’t realize that they are missing out on important savings opportunities for their checking accounts and credit.

The ABCs of Smart Financial Management

When it comes to saving money, there are two main pillars: Accumulation and Conservation. Accumulation doesn’t necessarily mean savings; it’s about making more than you spend. By generation money using passive income sources like owning your home or stocks, the goal is to put off spending for things until you’ve saved up enough to purchase them outright or very little interest. The purpose of Conservation is stopping this spending before it starts (and thus avoiding the possibility). To conserve your money, break your budget into income and expenses. When isolating each expense, think about how much that item will bring in the future to help choose whether or not that expense should be cut out entirely.

Why Energy Efficiency Matters?

When the average utility bill in the US is $100, paying it can be tough. Instead of doing anything drastic like moving to get cut off for however long it takes to pay off the debt, you can take small steps that will generate big savings. To save money on your electric bill, replacing traditional bulbs with LEDs or fluorescent lights can dramatically reduce electricity costs. Solar panels are also a good solution for people who want renewable energy without the installation costs of installing charging in their homes.
Paragraph: When water bills are in excess of $100, you have to do something to lower your monthly spend or develop an alternate source of income. You don’t have to stop washing your clothes or giving the kids baths, but there are things you can.

Things to Consider When Saving Energy at Home

There are many ways to save money at home, the first way is not using unnecessary energy like leaving lights on 24/7.
The second way of saving energy at home is turning off appliances when they are not in use; this will help you cut down your utility bills.
The third way to save energy is by choosing greener energy sources or through conservation.
The final way of saving energy is by installing solar panels, this will allow for natural daylighting and stop any heat loss in your property.

Delta Light Bulb Energy Savings Example

A new fixed-point LED lamp is the new shining star of environmentally friendly light, but are they really worth the extra dollars? Take this example with one 35W HPS lamp being replaced by a 6W equivalent LED. That’s a whopping 71% electricity savings with just this one example. The important message here is that the mpg equivalent value (the 35W lamp is equal to an 11.2 mpg vehicle) should be considered.

Ways To Save Energy in Your Home

When it comes to the cost of living, utilities are often one of the most expensive expenses. For example, a single incandescent light bulb can cost as much as $2.50 per hour to use. If you have 10 lights in your home or office, that’s an annual expense of $3,000! The trick is to swap these for energy-efficient LEDs which only cost 10 cents per hour.

Money Saving Tips

  1. Make a budget and stick to it. Figure out how much you have coming in from various sources and what you need your monthly expenses to be, then find a plan that fits those numbers.
  2. Consider bundling- the more lines you have with the same carrier, the less it will cost you! You can use our Cable Bundles & Deals tool to show you what kind of savings are available for your area.
  3. Watch for special offers- companies will often have sales with great deals on certain days or during certain months so keep an eye out for something you want!
  4.  Get a good service plan- make sure to get a quality service plan from your provider to avoid hidden fees and save yourself some headaches down.

save moneyThe Latest Online Deals

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